About Game Developer Research


Game Developer Research was formed in 2007 by the editors of Game Developer magazine to bring a new level of empirical measurement and high quality prediction to the video game research market.


With access to the 40,000+ readers of Game Developer magazine and the hundreds of thousands of regular Gamasutra readers, as well as the attendees of the CMP Game Group's events such as Game Developers Conference, the division will conduct research into the wants, needs, and trends of the game professional community itself.

It uses acknowledged experts, both from the Game Group's editorial staff and from external sources, to look into trends regarding all aspects of the game industry and create game research.

Subjects tackled are of interest to managers and businesspeople within the game business, as well as government entities, analysts, investors, and those seeking to know more about the video game business.

More information on upcoming Game Developer Research reports will be available in the near future.


Simon Carless (Director)
Chris Remo (Co-Director)

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in commissioning custom game development research about any aspect of the game industry:


Email: research@gdmag.com
Phone: 415-947-6145
Game Developer Research
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